I read the news today, oh boy

29 years ago today, John Lennon said his last words “I’m shot!” and then fell to the ground. John Lennon has now been dead for 29 years. I obviously wasn’t living then, but my dad tells me that he remembers that day as if it were yesterday.

I totally forgot about this date. I read about it and told myself to remember it, but guess what? I didn’t. I never remember important things. So, this morning I pulled on my Beatles hoodie, totally oblivious to the significance of December 8th.

In AP U.S. History, I opted not to pay attention to a man that makes me feel small and stupid and instead opened my notebook and started to write (the green honesty notebook). I drew a few doodles, sure, but then I got a song stuck in my head.

Lucy was in the sky with diamonds in my head. I flipped my notebook over to a clean page and started writing.

I proceeded to write one of the most beautiful and thoughtful poems I have ever written. Despite the lack of inspiration in my location (a dull, plainly decorated classroom and a group of students that lacked the laughter I usually provided them with), I spit out my feelings. What blows my mind is that I had no idea about what was important about today at the time. When I got home and was able to check my facebook, my friend had posted “RIP John Lennon <3” in her status. My heart skipped a beat when I realized how everything I had done fell into place. For some strange reason, I knew what the day was subconsciously, even though the perfectly conscious part of my brain couldn’t seem to see it.

I finished the poem I produced with my hands and a pen at exactly 9:00 AM. There may be a more significant meaning associated with that time, but right now all I can think of is that on this day 29 years ago, 9:00 was one of the last times John Lennon ever saw. And so, this is for you John. Even though I wasn’t thinking of you at all when I wrote it. No, I was thinking of myself. And Lucy.

Let Her Be

The girl with the sun in her eyes is surely gone
as is the sun from which it was drawn.
Send me love, you sunless dawn
but no, the sun in her eyes is now gone.

The diamonds have fallen from the sky
10,000 feet; plummeting to die.
Not able to wonder and question why;
she watches the diamonds fall from the sky.

The blackbird’s singing in the dead of night
a beautiful hour lacking light
a gunshot sounds and takes a flight
to the blackbird singing in the dead of night.

9:00 AM

RIP John Lennon ❤

One thought on “I read the news today, oh boy

  • Hey Bem, longo time don’t talk (write…)

    I’ve just read your poem and let me tell you, that it’s beautiful, as you may know I’m a great fan of the Beatles so I really appreciate it.

    And yeah I was thinking about John Lennon’s death too, you know in one of the radio station played Beatles songs all day,

    Even though I got my personal opinion about John I really respect him and admire him too.

    Just wanted to tell you something, miss you cupcake
    See you on the road.

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