Dear Editor,

On December 15th, GCS held its first choral concert of the year featuring the 5/6 choir, 7/8 choir, high school Mixed Chorus and Chamber Choir. As members of the Chamber Choir, we enjoyed working toward our goal of putting on a successful concert for our community and put forth months of effort. Our concert turned out to be very successful. No mistakes were made on our part. You might say that our performance was flawless. However, the audience’s performance was far from flawless.

The audience was restless, it seemed. Instead of sitting and being respectful for our performance (and most likely for the other performances), its talking seemed to never cease. During our selection, there were outcries from children which should have been stifled by their parents by using the many exits the principals always point out to the audience before the concert even begins.  Overall, during our performance, it felt like the audience wasn’t even paying attention. Not only was this distracting to us, but it was also very rude.

As if that wasn’t enough, during our big (literally, big) finale, there were several shout-outs to individual members of the choirs from the audience. Following the rude shout-outs were heckles at the choirs as they assembled on and around the stage for the last number of the night. Finally, every choir was in its place, but the idea of performing the last number we had worked on seemed absurd if the audience wasn’t going to appreciate it.

We found it embarrassing to have some in our community that cannot even display proper and respectful concert etiquette for their own children who have worked hard. It was also embarrassing to us that our director made her debut to this audience.

We certainly appreciate those in the audience who displayed respect and appreciation for our music. This is a case of a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch.

6 thoughts on “Dear Editor,

  • i like it.. it’s harsh enough to get the point across, and it’s not like you are exaggerating at all. me gusta

  • Dear Emily,

    I fricking love you.
    I read this to my sister and mother and they said that “that is excellent.”

    This needs to be published so our community can be enlightened. Thanks so much for being a snappy and tactful etiquette teacher 🙂

  • I loved it. As Caitie said it is harsh but at the same time not over exaggerated at all. That is exactly how the audience acted and I am embarrassed that they were so rude and that Ms. Stoffel had to have that be her first experience of a Gowanda Choral concert audience.

    But not only that I feel embarrassed for those people that were rude because not only does it make them look bad but it is sad that they are so improperly educated on the way to be respectful people.

    I love it Emily and I believe that you should actually send it.

    • Thanks guys.
      I just want to stand up for what I believe in and make people realize their faults. It pisses me off that we worked so hard but still didn’t get anywhere. I should feel accomplished after a concert; instead I felt pissed and embarrassed.

  • I don’t think it was harsh at all; it wasn’t as if they weren’t being rude, because they definitely were. It was almost respectfully critical… which is the best way to criticize, naturally XD haha.

    If you don’t send it I’ll be very sad. ❤

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