FML: My Story

Two years ago, I beat Kingdom Hearts II during Christmas break. It took me nearly thirty hours to hit and punch and magic my way through every world to defeat every boss on the the beginner level I’d selected in the very beginning.

I’m back, baby. And this time I’m playing on standard level.

This brings me to the FML moments I experienced this week. (If you’re not familiar the site I advise you to click that link I just typed and educate yourself on the hilarity that occurs in the lives of others.)
I re-borrowed the game from my boyfriend on Sunday but was not able to play it because I got home too late that night to even think about setting up our old PS2 that night. I went to bed, instead.
The next day, all I thought about was Kingdom Hearts. My fingers were itching to pick up a controller all day and start playing with Hayner, Pence and Olette by my side one minute and then Donald Duck and Goofy the next.
My Kingdom Hearts-obsessed friend drove me home on Monday and helped me set up my PS2 and hook it up to our giant TV in the Family Room. I turned on the TV, turned on the game console and then picked up a controller, eager to begin playing as Roxas. I looked down and realized that the controller I was holding was one that went into the first Play Station ever released; not our PS2.
After several frantic text messages were sent to my brothers and a quick search around my house was conducted, I admit defeat and we hopped in her car to go up to her house and retrieve a controller.
The spare one we brought back to my house didn’t work, but luckily she had brought one of her good ones. We played for three hours (well, I played and she sat in my fuzzy purple chair and watched) and then hopped back in her car to go to play rehearsal. She took the controller home with her that night.
I was left with useless PS1 controllers and a game I desperately wanted to continue.
For the next couple days, I didn’t play. Finally, my boyfriend came through and gave me one of his controllers.
That night, I rushed through my homework, excitedly set up the console in my room, then got out of the shower and hurried so I could play the game until midnight.
I turned on the TV and the PS2, but the video wasn’t displayed on the screen. Confused, I plugged the little colored things into the TV more securely, then tried again. I must have tried 5 times before I decided that my 4-year-old TV was crap. I texted my brother, asked him where his old little TV was, then headed out into the snow to go to my dad’s garage and retrieve it. I located it, knocked over a bag of cans and got caught on a lawn mower which I pulled out into his driveway with me and then had to push back in.
I got inside, made sure the TV worked, then went upstairs and set it up in my room and plugged everything in.
Once again, everything worked but the video. I unplugged everything and tried several times, but nothing worked. I decided to try it on my TV one more time before I tossed it into a spare room. It was then that I noticed something.
The cable that has the little colored things that hook up into the TV wasn’t fully plugged into the PS2. I pushed it in further and BAM!
It took me over half an hour, the exchanging of TVs and several text messages to figure out that all I had to do this whole time was reach over to the PS2 and push the cable in further from my comfy perch in my purple chair.


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