A good idea

I put earrings in my ears this morning. You must understand that this is odd for me. I didn’t even bother with them for Homecoming. But, my boyfriend told me he liked them, so maybe this will become a regular thing with me.

I have (well, had) two holes in each ear. Both are (were) on my earlobe and they are at home right next to each other. I got my first holes done when I was five (for Kindergarten graduation – it was my present) then again when I was ten and decided that every five years I would get a new piercing. Well, I turned 15 and nothing ever happened. My mom and I were going to get something down together, but then we chickened out after hearing that it is quite painful.

It’s been awhile since I’ve sported earrings. My ears always get infected which makes earrings quite the hassle. But, now I’m having second thoughts. I kind of want another couple piercings. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some before I head to Disney in February. Maybe I’ll get my nose and the tip of my ear done.

Yes, I think I like this idea.

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