I quit and stared out the window

I sat in the backseat of the car, cursing my misfortune. Sure, I was uber thankful, but I knew I hadn’t thought any of it through.

Tonight I discovered that I truly don’t belong. I also received a reminder that not all friends are good ones. So, there I sat. Listening to some awful pick-me-up girl music that is usually accompanied by a gallon of Rocky Road. Instead, I was literally on a rocky road. My teeth chattered, my legs shook with the cold in my skimpy pink tights and all I wanted was to be anywhere but where I was. When the fifth member of our overcrowded party joined us, I groaned inwardly.

I wanted to be with Taylor. Sitting in the front seat, jamming to Lady GaGa, drinking our Tim Horton’s cocoa, digesting our bagels and cramming McDonald’s fries was a more than welcome alternative. Instead, I was sitting between two bickering girls and could hear the talking/”he texted you, what do you want to say?” crap that was going on in the two front seats. I was stuck in a world where I simply didn’t belong. I was crowded in and surrounded by cheerleaders, listening to the horrid “Glee!” soundtrack and gritting my teeth uncomfortably. All I wanted was to break out my iPod and play some Every Time I Die or something to express the screaming in my head in a way that couldn’t possibly hurt the ears of others.

I tried to break the ice, but when they showed no enthusiasm, I quit and stared out the window. I guess that just shows what kind of people they are.

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