February 12th

Two years ago today, I was a fourteen-year-old freshman in high school with a broken heart. My then boyfriend dumped me two days before Valentine’s Day. That’s kind of a shitty way to have your heart broken for the first time, is it not? After what I often referred to as “that dreadful day in February,” Tuesdays (the day of the week that the deed was done) became my least favorite day of the week and I was convinced that February 12th was a cursed day.

Last year, Flight 3407 went down on February 12th. We had had a snow day that day, and I was up late writing when I heard about something awful that had happened in Clarence, New York, which is rather close to where I reside. This confirmed my beliefs on the date 2/12.

But, now I have been proved wrong.

First of all, there’s yesterday. That special boy came over to my house with a bouquet of roses and carnations in tow. He knew I would barely have any time to enjoy them before my early morning departure on February 12th, but that didn’t stop him. This is the first year I have ever had someone to share Valentine’s Day with, and even though we won’t be together on Sunday, I know our thoughts will be in the same place. Everything he did yesterday was so sweet and will never be forgotten by me. That shrouds out everything else that is negative completely.

Then, there’s today. On top of the “hey! how are you? I miss you!” text messages I kept receiving, I rode in a van with one of my best friends and her parents for eleven hours on the road to Disney World. Anything could have happened to ruin today, but it just didn’t. We plugged my iPod into the iTrip thing and proceeded to play EVERY Beatles song on my iPod. Which, by the way, there are 118 and it took us 7 hours to listen to all of them. We sang along until my friend and I fell asleep, then we woke up and sang some more.

Right now, I’m sitting on a double bed with my friend watching Yes Man in a Comfort Inn in North Carolina. We ate at an AWESOME hibachi restaurant and that’s something I’ll never forget. That, on top of 11 hours in a car that didn’t even feel like 11 hours, made my day absolutely amazing. I have the roses from that special boy with me (currently I am drying them so they don’t fall apart; I want them forever) and I listened to music all day and had fun conversations with some fun people. Nothing could have ruined this day. Now I’m off to shower and eat some of my leftover hibachi chicken.

Tomorrow, we’ll finally be in Florida and be even closer to Disney World. I’ll be tweeting up a storm tomorrow, I’m sure.

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