2/19/10 (Evening)

Downtown Disney is dead in the morning. It thrived the night we went to see La Nouba, and it will thrive again tonight when we cross the bridge and head over to Disney Quest, but this morning, it was dead.

I woke up at about 7:17, checked my phone for the time, then rolled over and slept some more. At 8:03 when my alarm woke me up with “My Love” by The Bird and the Bee, I got up and shut it off then got in bed again. I laid there thinking of how I would regret not running in the warmer climate down here in Florida. I knew I’d get home and on Monday I would wish for the birds to sing and the weather to be what it has been down here. So, I finally convinced myself that running would be a good idea. I got up, pulled the covers off of my body, then dressed myself in shorts and my track tee shirt, laced up my running shoes and then said a quick “adieu!” before walking out the door.

Outside of Saratoga Springs (the resort we’ve resided in all week), I saw a bunny in the bushes right before I took off running. I ran around on the winding sidewalks and finally reached the sign for the Downtown Disney Marketplace. The water fountains were bubbling and Peter Pan music was playing and singing “you can fly!” to me as I ran down the streets. Every little shop was closed and the stands outside of the shops had tarps over them to keep the weather out and the goods in. I reminded myself of where we had gone the night we saw La Nouba, and headed that way. Sure, I got lost a few times, but I easily found the right way again and ran all the way to the building where La Nouba takes place twice every night. I took a right and ran alongside the waterfront and could see our resort, just as I can see the La Nouba tent out the window from Taylor’s and my room right now.

I ran to the chorus of several Disney songs and even a little Rascal Flatts as I passed Fulton’s Crabhouse, McDonald’s and the Lego store along with the dragon made entirely out of Legos in the water. I surfaced again to the main road, then took the path back to Saratoga Springs.

The entire time I was running, Downtown Disney was deserted and dead. The only sound was of workers setting up or cleaning up. It was neat to be the only person on Pleasure Island and the only person on the road in Downtown Disney. It makes me wish I would have taken advantage of this nearby treasure all week. But, I guess I should be glad that I got to appreciate it, even if it was just the one time. I’m glad I got to experience something all by myself. This morning, the time I spent alone was what I have needed for a long time now.

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