2/19/10 (Morning)

The sandy beach stretched on for miles and miles. The sand tickled my feet and the cold water lapped up around them. Why is it that I seem to enjoy going to the ocean on such chilly days? I cursed our misfortune as I watched the seagulls fly around and land near us. There were itty bitty shells splattered everywhere along the shore, and I pocketed enough to fill my pocket.

But, all I wanted was to run. I ran down the beach a little ways on my bare feet before I realized just how much the hardened sand hurt to run on. The sky was clear and sunset was near, and I just wanted to run away and never be found. I wanted to run until my feet just couldn’t bear to run anymore. I wanted all of these things, but couldn’t have them. I wanted the weather to be nicer so I could don my bathing suit and swim in the salty water, but that just couldn’t be. I want all of these things, but I never get them. I guess I should just be grateful for what I do have. And I am, I really am, but I wish there was more.

I wish we lived in a tropical place where palm trees lined the streets. I wish I could walk home and pick up stray sand in-between my toes and carry it home with me and into the house. I wish I was within walking distance of the ocean and could spend time lazing away near the water. The idea of returning home to cold and ice is agonizing, but I know it must be done, and done it will be. I am just going to have to enjoy this last day of vacation while I can before it all withers away in the Florida sun we’re to leave behind tomorrow.

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