Who knocks? That April?

Well, goodbye, March. It’s been quite the month full of events I will never forget. They will forever remain memories in my head.

In the past few months, I have learned something about myself. In my intense bouts of procrastination this month (that even led to staying up until one o’clock AM one morning) I have learned something very valuable about myself. I know now that no matter what, I always get stuff done. Whatever needs to be done will be done by the time it is needed. It always works out for me no matter how much I worry about what I need. Everything always gets done. I am glad I can always depend on myself for that, at least.

Well, I’m off to math class. I have two more minutes until the period ends and I need to stop typing in order to allow my computer the two minutes it probably needs to shut down. I just typed up a poem called “I Am What I Am” and in that I also learned a lot about myself. But, more on that later.

One thought on “Who knocks? That April?

  • hahah im procrastinator to em it just doesnt always work out for me glad it does for you though! : )

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