Cos^2x + Sin^2x = 1

I got a perfect 100% on the last trig test I took. Yeah. Let’s just say that’s the first time I’ve seen over a 90% on a quiz in quite some time, and it’s definitely only the second 100% I’ve received in that class all year. But, it’s not just me that did pretty well. A few of my friends did, too. And this, I think, is why.

Last Wednesday night before the test, I didn’t study. I was probably doing something with Robby (swinging and playing cards, perhaps?), but there were a lot of things I had to memorize and just figured I couldn’t, and so, I didn’t bother. But, the next morning, I felt ambitious. I took the little study guide I had made for myself, cut out the formulas, got some tape and then taped one piece of paper to my back, and then the two others to my friends’ backs. We played hockey, shouting out math formulas all the way. (Ha ha ha!) The next period, we took the test. And I knew every single thing I needed to know.

I can still tell you what cotx is equal to (which is 1/tanx) or that cos^2x+sin^2x = 1. Secx = 1/cosx. Csc = 1/sinx. Cotx can also equal cosx/sinx and tanx can also mean sinx/cosx. Not to mention the different configurations of these little buggers. When I did my trig homework earlier today, I didn’t even need to look at the packet. I knew everything right off the top of my head. Something is wrong here. Very wrong, indeed. (But I kind of like it!)

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