They announced prom queen/king candidates right before our school’s talent show began (known as the G-Town Showdown). I listened, thinking maybe, just maybe, I could be on it. You know, there’s always that glimmer of hope; that light at the end of the tunnel. I have never cared about prom and have always made fun of the people that make a big deal out of it. I’ve always been a rebel. But, I was a little disappointed in the people that were on prom court. It was mostly those in line to be queen; I could have told you who was to be on the ballot without even asking the class’s opinion. And those are the exact people that were on it.

I am a little angry that I let myself get my hopes up. So, today, as I was walking down the hallway afterschool, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the glass of the office’s windows. That’s when I realized that what I do is enough.

Right after those candidates were announced, I went up onstage and sang my heart out. I got up there with two of my best friends and belted out the words to “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood. The girls on prom court sat in the audience and watched. None of them had the guts or the talent to take part in our school’s talent show. They watched me prove to the entire school that writing and running are not the only things I can do. I’m sure that if we had voted on who should be on prom court after the talent show, I would have been on the ballot without a doubt. Since that performance I gave, I have been treated differently by everyone I’ve encountered. All of this is because I had the guts to get up there and show my stuff. And show my stuff I did (AND WE SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!).

I currently hold 5 school records on our track & field team. Four all by myself and one that I share with the rest of my 4X800 team from last year. I reset them every year and keep getting stronger with every year that passes. I think that’s kind of a big accomplishment.

I have auditioned and successfully placed in the Senior High All-County choir for two years in a row. Before this, I had participated in All-County choirs from sixth grade on. And, in sixth grade, I was selected to appear in a Disney showcase in Atlanta with the rest of an exclusive theater troop. Yeah. But that was way back when.

Every year, I do the school play. I have gotten a lead part for the past two years and plan on continuing that next year. Screw musicals; I’m done with them. Having the musical at the same time as cross-country is irritating and stressful and I’m done doing both.

Speaking of cross-country, I qualified for the state meet last November and competed and placed 24th among the best in my class in New York State. I did that all by myself, well, with the help of plenty of orange juice and a huge vitamin every morning.

I’ve been writing for The Buffalo News for two years of my life and have had at least twenty articles published, making the front page every now and again. On top of that, I’ve added writing for our local Pennysaver and also occasionally contributing to a running website (which I actually haven’t done in awhile, but still). I’ve earned enough money from the job I balance on top of schoolwork to buy myself a new iPod, laptop, a trip to Disney World and a crapload of prom stuff.

And, speaking of schoolwork, I’m ranked seventh in my class right now with over a 95% average overall. Sure, that means I’m not beating the six people in front of me, but there are a hell of a lot more people behind me than standing in front. I plan on knocking a few of the people in front of me down very very soon.

I don’t need the people in my graduating class to assure me of my importance. I don’t need to be voted on and talked about and thrown around. I’ve had countless individual victories in the short sixteen years of life I’ve lived and I’m not letting the fact that I never win by popular vote bring me down. I’m not the pretty popular girl; I’m the girl that does everything and is good at almost all of it. I try my hardest, and though I fall down sometimes, I NEVER give up.

Tell me about other girls that are like me. Really, I’m intrigued and would like to hear about someone else in this world that is similar to me. Something tells me that nobody is.

2 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  • Why of course no one is like you Emily πŸ™‚ There will NEVER be another Emily!! hehe Im number 7 too!! wooo!! us number 7’s gotta stick together! lol πŸ™‚

  • Hey, you can’t put ‘Prom Queen’ on a resume or a college application! Or so says a former involved-in-a-lot-of-things yet not ‘popular’ valedictorian who may have cried herself to sleep once over not being voted into the Homecoming court senior year. Ahem. That was not my proudest moment, but it was hard not to feel a little bitter about all of the weird high school politics that were going on at the time.

    Have fun at prom – just think of all the crazy dancing you can do without worrying about a cheap-o crown falling off your head πŸ™‚

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