Up here on cloud nine

I did it. After missing States by .1 on Friday, I went back on Saturday and did it.

I ran a 2:16.52 800m and got third place on Friday, June 4th. The state standard time for the 800m is 2:20 and I well surpassed that. The problem is, I failed to fall within the top two in my race; the girl who got second place had a time of 2:16.42. Yep, I came up on her in the end, but she managed to get me.

Saturday, I went back, ready to kill.

I ran a 4:43.48 1500m. That is a personal record by 10 seconds and a damn good time, if I do say so myself. The girl that beat me managed to nab the school record for her school; and her school is one of the best school of runners in the country. She thanked me for pushing her and providing her with some competition which she doesn’t face very often.

Me? I’m floating on cloud nine. I made it to States the day after I had been disappointed by not making it. This will be my second time competing at a state-wide competition and I am super excited about it. States is a great experience and I’m dying to know how much Track & Field states differ from cross-country states. I finally proved to everyone that I have what it takes.

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