It’s still flying

I hopped in the car and we were on our way. I had no idea where we were going; all I knew was where we would end up. I had ideas, but couldn’t be sure. With him, I never know. One time I expected one thing and he came up with something entirely different. I loved what it was even more because I wasn’t expecting it.

He takes little things that I say I want and remembers them until he can use them. This one was not one of those. We both had discussed what this surprise turned out to be. We arrived in the Dick’s parking lot near the mall and he pretended to hold the automatic doors open for me like any gentleman should. He then played stupid as I started asking him where we were going, even though at that point I had a pretty good idea of where we were headed. We ended up in the aisle where they shoved roller blades. Apparently, not many people roller blade anymore. It’s just not “in” anymore. But, Robby and I don’t care. He told me to pick out a pair for myself. He helped me lift them and even put them onto my feet like a worker in a shoe store would. I ended up with a pretty purple pair to go along with his more masculine pair and he paid while I played with a bouncy ball with his dad. I got to carry a giant bag out of the store and through the parking lot to put into the car. I was beaming. Every time I look at that pair of roller blades (which have definitely been put to use since they were purchased on Monday!), I get a fuzzy feeling inside my tummy.
We went out to dinner then. My favorite place; my favorite drink; my favorite burger. Everything was perfect. We sat and talked and laughed and were amazed at just how fast time has flown for us. It’s still flying.
Now, every night we go roller blading. He was surprised at how good I am and we have fun racing and rolling and laughing around my neighborhood and the ones surrounding it. I joked with him and said, “years from now, I’ll dig out this pair of roller blades to use and they will be totally shot.”
“I’ll just buy you another pair,” he replied.

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