I Think He’d Like Me

When all hope has faded away

and I am blind and cannot see

lead me to my savior;

I think He’d really like me.

I’ll need that boost of esteem

when I am there; finally free

I’ll approach his throne with love

and hope that He’ll like me.

I’ll cross from world to world

moving quick and then quickly.

Once I reach the pearly gates

I’ll pray that he likes me.

After all He’s watched me do;

there’s so much sin to see!

Doors open, nails bitten

just hoping He likes me.

There He is, glittering white.

I’m dull and drab next to He.

He grabs my hand and squeezes it

…I think this means He likes me.

All my life I’d believed Him a myth

but He shakes His head to disagree.

He tells me He forgives my mistakes

…and then tells me that He loves me.


1:43 AM 1/23/10

P.S. This poem is actually six separate stanzas of four lines each; WordPress won’t separate them no matter how many times I try. 😦

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