Growing up

I think I must be growing up.

The other day, out of deep necessity, I cleaned out my closet. My closet shed a good fifty pounds when I dumped out clothing article after clothing article. I had clothes in there that I’ve had since seventh grade. Even though everything in there still fit me (in fact, my clothes from seventh grade are too big) I knew that it was time to move on. I made a goodwill pile, a throw-away pile and a pile to go to a younger girl I know. My closet is still quite full, but at least there’s room for improvement.

During my fierce closet-cleaning frenzy, I reached up and looked through all of my Emily The Strange tee shirts. Over the years I have collected countless Emily items and tee shirts have always been one of my favorite items to buy. I thought about it and decided I could never give them away or throw them out. I did do something, though. I moved them from where they were hanging up in the main part of my closet and relocated them to a drawer in the dresser in my closet. I haven’t worn some of those shirts in a long time. I guess I’m just growing up.

In Hot Topic, I never buy anything anymore. It used to be my favorite store and now I can never find anything I like. I’m not into that music I used to be into, either. Sure, I still like it, but I can tell you that Escape the Fate is not my favorite band anymore. Eisley, Imogen Heap and Flyleaf have moved up and taken their place. Warped Tour is coming up and I find myself not even longing to be in the ugly crowd filled with drunk and dirty people. I’d much rather spend that hot day at home in our pool.

It’s scary that I’m writing and receiving letters to and from colleges that are interested in having me go there. My coach gets calls all the time from colleges that want me to be on their team. It’s scary that I’m growing up, but I have to say that I don’t mind it one bit. I had my chance to be a kid and now I’m growing up and leaving it behind.

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