You know how sometimes when you look at a word a lot or say a word aloud many times, it starts to look/sound funny? That’s what just happened to me. I typed in my blackbyrd domain, and the word “blackbyrd” just looked so strange to me. The story behind the name became fuzzy as well, until I cleared it up in my mind.

I remember that for some reason, I wanted to start a blog. I had read my brother’s and also wanted to be able to express my daily thoughts and musings without having to take out a diary and start writing. I was obsessed with The Beatles (and still am) and have always favored “Blackbird.” I had to change the ‘i’ to a ‘y’ due to domain availability, but hey, here I am. Now it’s just something I have that anyone can read. At first I was obsessed with how many people viewed my blog and checked my blog stats constantly. Now I don’t even bother to tag things in my posts. I’m not begging people to come read what I write; it’s just here in case they happen to stumble across it.

I just realized that July 11, 2010 was my blog’s and my anniversary. Whoops. I missed it and I apologize. We’ve had two years together, now. I’ve gone from an Emily The Strange-obsessed punk to a realistic and mature (albeit different) lady.

We’ve grown together, Blackbyrd, and it’s been quite the journey. But here we are, still growing together. Over 200 posts and comments later, here I am, still writing. It will never stop.

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