Who’d Have Known?

Five months ago from the 21st of July (which was five minutes ago; I’m a little late), I had just gotten home after a trip to Disney World. My soon-to-be boyfriend was waiting at my house for me (which was a huge surprise!) with my family and was both eager and nervous to meet my three older brothers.

He’s been over nearly everyday since. He asked me to be his that night and I said yes. I have been his for five months now and the butterflies never fail to flutter whenever he’s around. I’m his princess; his baby; his girl. He spoils me completely rotten. He randomly buys me little gifts and always has a surprise for me that he’s cooking up (which my mother is always informed of but NEVER tells me). He’ll remember something I said I liked while we were out shopping and will then go back and purchase it for me (ex: The Beatles “Abbey Road” vinyl that I saw at Hot Topic and said that I wanted). His other obsession is Mrs. Fields, the cookie place. He has ordered me several giant cookies and the 21st of July was no exception. He takes me out to lunch and dinner and has taken me to the movies three times. I told you that he spoils me. But, I spoil him in return, don’t worry.

So, when I went out to the kitchen today, he and his mom were both there and there were two different food item boxes open for the world to see their contents. Inside one was a pizza. Inside the other was yet another giant heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie. The pizza had M&Ms on top (YUM!) that spelled out “THANK U 4 A” and then the cookie said “Happy 5 Months”. “THANK U 4 A Happy 5 Months.” Yeah, it took me awhile, too. But I loved it. He also bought a 12-pack of Loganberry (MY FAVORITE!) and we (as in my family and Robby) devoured the pizza and drank can after can of the sweet drink.

We’re going to be together for a long time. It just feels right. Next year at this time, I’ll be getting ready for whatever college I choose (I have three I’m serious about), but Robby and I can survive. Scratch that. We will survive.

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