Thoughts from the loveseat

It finally rained. The past few days, the sky has been cloudy and awful and the rain has been let loose. I loved it. When I saw puddles form in the front yard, I thought for sure that our little village would flood again and felt sick at the thought of it. But, all is well. A little rain never hurt anybody.

This morning, I woke up to pouring rain twice and had to shut my windows a little more so I wouldn’t get soaked. Now, the sky is crystal clear and beautifully blue and I’m sitting on our wicker loveseat on the front porch, reading and listening to the bugs and the birds. I’m excited that money I’ve been saving is really adding up in my newly acquired bank account (gosh, I’m such a big girl now!) and can’t wait to earn even more so I can buy my new camera. I decided that for college I am going to buy a Mac desktop computer rather than a MacBook. I already have a laptop that is decent enough to take notes on (and adorable and pink, I might add) and just because all of my brothers bought laptops when they went off to college does not mean that I need to follow in their footsteps. If I keep saving, I will certainly have enough money for everything I plan to buy.

It’s a wonderful non-humid day here in Western New York. The breeze is ruffling my sweat-coated hair (from working in our basement) and I plan on finishing my summer reading book (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest) today and then spend Monday and Tuesday working on the essay and brainstorming about my creative project. I’m taking a college level English class this year, and my teacher (who I had this past year and who is the Advisor the the yearbook I am serving as Editor for) gave us an assignment to send in over the summer. But, I’m not complaining. It keeps me busy.

And speaking of yearbook, I am absolutely loving it. We’ve got almost eleven pages done already and we haven’t even established our first deadline yet. I designed several pages that just need to be filled in and am SO excited that everyone has liked what I’ve designed for some of the layouts. I’m really getting a hang of how our yearbook website works and love tinkering around on it whenever I’m bored of facebook (which is often). I have a quick write-up to do on the Track & Field page, and then I’m completely done with it. We just need to decide colors and whether we like the Wills & Memories page I designed a couple of days ago.

I’ve been keeping busy and it has been great. I love summer so much and never want to see it end.

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