Love yourself (a rant)

I understand plastic surgery when it really is necessary. Many women diagnosed with breast cancer lose one of their breasts and have it replaced surgically. They get a fake breast that poses as a real one. I totally get that. I also understand when children are born with cleft lip and they have it surgically fixed. I think that it is amazing that we have the technology and the knowledge to rebuild the face of someone who was born looking just a little bit abnormal. Breast reduction surgery? That’s acceptable to me as well. Some women face severe back pains from hunching over due to the weights they have on the front of their bodies. Breast reduction surgery solves that painful problem. But other things, like breast implants and nose jobs, are absolutely refuckingdiculous.

Recently, we had a teacher in my school who took a personal day off from work. She came back the next day with breasts the size of cantaloupes. The day before, they had been their small little selves. And it may seem weird that I remember what they looked like, but she’s the band teacher and I used to spend very day in the front row looking up at her body. I was disgusted when I saw her with her new features. All I could think of was how insecure and self conscious about her body that she must have been before to want to get such a thing done to her. Getting a breast implant is something women with BREAST CANCER go through against their will, and she went under the knife voluntarily just to add more curve to her body. And, she’s not alone. So many other women long for those big, full breasts. They go from little girls who stuff their training bras to women with D-cups full of silicon.

Some people have irregularly shaped noses. Maybe I just don’t understand because I am rather normal-looking and nicely proportioned, but honestly, it’s a big problem when you cannot accept and learn to love what you’re born with (except in cases such as the cleft lip). And the tummy tuck. Oh God, don’t even get me started. This is a case where I can understand under certain circumstances. Maybe you just gave birth to triplets and your stomach is looking a little worse for wear. Fine, get the tummy tuck. I understand that. Maybe you physically cannot lose the weight on your own for some reason. Fine, get the tummy tuck. But, if you’re a lazy ass who doesn’t even want to try losing fifty pounds or so, don’t you dare go to that plastic surgeon’s office. If all you want is to lose weight but do not have the patience, tough luck. Grab some carrot sticks and a bottle of V8 and climb onto your Wii Fit game and exercise. Celebrities are stuck on being slim and beautiful, but a tummy tuck is not the answer. It’s wasteful and disgusting. Instead of investing in your very expensive surgical procedure to remove your fat, you could donate the thousands of dollars to an African village and put a little meat onto the bones of someone who needs it. Some women even take the fat removed during their tummy tuck and have it relocated to their buttocks to have that perfect round J’Lo booty. Disgusting.

Celebrities set the standards for every other human being on this earth (except for the people that don’t really care). Men see the images of skinny and beautiful women and want a woman who looks just like it. Women feel the pressure to be skinny and beautiful and will do just about anything to replicate the look a celebrity has naturally going for them. Any unnecessary surgery is a stupid risk to take, even if it means you could have breasts that measure up to what your boyfriend/husband wants because the ones you developed just aren’t making the cut. There are definitely some exceptions (which I have carefully outlined) and I understand if there are a few more that I’m not covering. But, right now, I’m disgusted in people that are selfish enough to spend thousands of dollars to make their bodies a little more presentable. Donate the money instead, please, to someone who really needs the money to have plastic surgery done for a real medical reason. Donate the money and then learn to love yourself.

3 thoughts on “Love yourself (a rant)

  • LOVE this rant. (Ferocious enough to be really enjoyable, and it leaves space, so anyone who doesn’t feel the same way has room to breathe and get your point.) Personally, I got a 34D-sized kick out of it, and I’m sure you know why XD And it’s true, it all stems down to insecurity. The trouble is, how does anyone go about changing the image the media and society plaster all over the modern world? :/

  • I love this! I remember a while ago (a long while ago actually) that you said that you and I think alike on certain things, and now I’m saying the same thing about you…I think it’s possible that we just might share the same mind sometimes. I remember way back last year, trying to think of what to write for my very first blog post and the first thing that popped in my head was plastic surgery and how disgusting it is. Granted, my post wasn’t as good as yours, but it was a post no less. 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that I love this post and that we could strangely, and amazingly share part of the same mind.

    • We certainly do! And did I comment on that post? Sheesh I can’t remember. I’ll have to look! 🙂 (I’m sure it was great and rant-y!)
      I was just inspired because my mom mentioned some people that she knows that got plastic surgery and such and it really pissed me off for some reason. I haven’t ranted in a long time, either!

      P.S. Kim: Oh, I do know why haha.

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