I think too much

Yesterday, I got really depressed. I received terrible news from someone who acted like it was not-so-terrible. The truth is, it was extremely terrible. I just don’t think my friend was thinking about the future.

My friend (whose gender will stay classified) told me that his/her parents are getting divorced and the mom has already moved out. I’ve known this person my whole life and have spent countless occasions with him/her and his/her parents. My friend seemed to be okay about it. We resumed our chat on my front porch just fine. Apparently, it is not a big shock. And, I guess it isn’t really, but it still hit me hard. The next time I go over to my friend’s house, one of the parents won’t be there and will never be there again. The time I accidentally ate some of the mom’s special cheese and got yelled at by my friend? That will never happen again. Eating spaghetti my friend’s mom made in their beachy dining room? That will never happen again.

I guess I just think more than my friend. Does he/she realize that Christmas for them will never be the same again? There will be two Christmas trees (if any) instead of one and two Christmases instead of one. There will be new girlfriends/boyfriends traipsing through their beautiful home and his mom’s new apartment.

But, maybe I don’t know half the story. Maybe there was a lot of fighting going on that I never knew about because my friend hid it so well. I guess I’m just inserting my happily married parents into the mix and making it personal. But, one thing is for certain. It doesn’t directly affect me, but there are times that it will. And, that will always make me sad.

I guess I just don’t understand why people can’t fall in love and stay in love forever.

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