I write

Here are some thoughts running through my head right now:

  1. I have nothing to write about
  2. my back has been hurting the past few days…problem?
  3. I wish I had more ice water
  4. Strawberry and Robby Bear are getting a little cozy with each other for my liking
  5. I wish I was creative
  6. my belly button has a scab in it (insert ugly frowny face)
  7. I know PRECISELY what I am going to do for my project on One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  8. I spent so much time outside today!
  9. I need to brush my teeth and insert my night retainer
  10. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook.

Evaluation of each thought:

1.) Wow, I just realized that I do have stuff to write about!

2.) Yeah, I, just like every other girl above age 12 (and sometimes age 8 haha) get my period each month. And it sucks horribly. But, I guess I’d rather have it than not and would definitely rather endure menstrual cramps in my lower back than have a baby kicking me in the front.

3.) I was feeling sick a moment ago, and the ice water really soothed my tummy. Now I wish I had more because my mouth is dry!

4.) Robby bought me a teddy bear and gave it to me randomly one day to pose as a friend for my main bear, Strawberry (who is cute, pink and worn down from all the lovin’ she’s received!). Sometimes I feel like they’re getting a little too friendly with each other and often wonder what they do when I’m not around.

5.) I write. I can’t draw. I see elaborate pictures in my head but they never look as good on paper when I try to explain them through visual art. Instead, I end up with stick figures.

6.) Umm yeah…no comment. Except, do all belly buttons smell weird? ‘Cause mine does. (Insert “OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE JUST WROTE THAT” face.)

7.) I outdid myself last year. Now, I plan on doing it all over again. Bring it on, JCC English! (And screw you, JCC!)

8.) Robby and I played badminton and croquet and went swimming twice! We went out to dinner at Goode’s and then walked all the way back to my house where we commenced another game of croquet after watching the automatic vacuum cleaner for the pool zoom around. It was fun.

9.) It’s getting late. Robby stopped texting me (he always falls asleep) and I need to get my teeth brushed and put my retainer in my mouth!

10.) I hate the little kids that request me on facebook. I hate the people that start what are known as “Facebook battles,” though yes, they are entertaining to read. Girls that stick their tongues out or make kissy faces when they take a MySpace-esque photo of themselves are stupid and people that update their status with everything they are planning to do that day and end with “text it up!” are even stupider. I want to delete my facebook, but I know I never will. There’s too much of my life on that wall of mine that I don’t think I want to lose. It will be fun to look back and read stuff I posted when I am a little older. In the meantime, I’m just going to have to continue deleting friends from my list that aren’t truly my friends in real life. That’s just how it is.

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