It’s disgusting

Time moves so fast that it’s disgusting to me.

We have a little over two weeks left of summer and it will be my senior year of high school. It seems like just yesterday I was a little punk wearing jeans from a secondhand store, a Paramore tee shirt and flamingo Vans on my first day of freshman year. I started writing on this blog the summer after my freshman year. Here we are, two years later. My, how things have changed.

I’ve lost a lot of weight since freshman year. It’s not like I was ever chubby, but let’s just say that pants I have from seventh grade don’t fit me anymore (they’re too big). I used to think I was awesome. I was invincible and the senior class then could totally kiss my ass. I was a goth-y punk chick that shopped at Hot Topic and thought she was hardcore. I wore Emily The Strange tee shirts/hoodies (which, yeah, are cool because of my name, but I’ve grown up a little bit) with skinny jeans and Converse. Now, I just don’t care. I want to dress a little more mature, but still want to be a kid. I’m torn between the undeniable reality and frivolous thoughts.

Today were my senior pictures. When my oldest brother Jordan had his done, I was going into sixth grade. It seemed so cool that he was getting pictures professionally done. When Trevor had his done, I was going into eighth grade. Again, it seemed awesome to me. We added one more frame onto the wall next to Jordan’s senior pictures. Adam had his done two years later, and though he was still wearing his braces, he looked great in every picture. It was my turn today; soon my pictures will be added to the senior pictures wall.

I was set on all natural stuff. My braces were removed months ago, but even if they were still on, I would have kept them on. I wouldn’t have gone to my orthodontist to go through the painful process of having them remove them for a few days just to get pictures taken with them off, only to have them cemented back onto my teeth. That’s not natural. When we got in the car today, my mom asked me if I had brought along any blush or lip gloss just to brighten up my face a little more. I shook my head. I only dab on a bit of eyeliner and mascara onto my face, with maybe a dab or two of foundation just to complete a look. In other words, I hardly wear any makeup. I never buy anything new makeup-wise because I never need anything refilled. My boyfriend actually prefers me without makeup, which is a plus because almost every day, I go naked on my face.

Anyway, there were some rules today:

  1. I was to wear a certain red shirt for one set of my pictures, by request of my mother, who is paying for them. It only makes sense.
  2. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH SOMETHING THAT SAYS “SENIOR” OR “SENIOR 2011.” I simply refuse. I find that completely corny and unnecessary and I think that weird object is just an eyesore in the photo.
  3. Since I don’t wear blush of any kind, my mom kept reminding me to pinch my cheeks. Yeah, okay, Mom.
  4. My mom had to at least take her eyelash curler and pinch my eyelashes with it in a painful manner. Again, thanks, Mom.
  5. My bangs couldn’t be perfect. They had to look just a little tousled because I, of course, am not perfect at all. This relates back to the whole “natural” thing I stressed.

Other than the red shirt, my mom gave me the freedom of choosing other outfits. I wore a gorgeous blue, purple, white and black dress that Robby had requested I try on when he was bored with shopping one time (he just wanted some entertainment). I ended up LOVING it and later on hunted all around Western New York for the dress. I found it. (Insert ugly smiley face that I refuse to actually insert.)

It’s funny about the other things that I wore. Every single piece was something I already owned but had no idea that when I bought it that it would end up among the outfits to be worn in my senior pictures.

I wore this black and red dress thing that I have had since ninth grade. My mom saw it in a JCPenney ad and knew right away that her daughter needed to have it. We made a special trip out to the mall and got it. I have worn it to countless events, but never dreamed it would make the cut for my senior pictures.

A dress we got for $1.00 at a consignment shop in East Aurora was among the many outfits I wore. Who would have thunk?

My comic strip-esque Disney hoodie that I bought in Disney World was worn for some of the shots, as was my track uniform. I made sure to get my track shorts (#12 – I’ve worn them for every track season since seventh grade) and took my spikes with me to complete the look.

It was a great experience and I cannot wait to see the prints! It will be hard to choose, I’m sure. The next thing we’ll need to hire the studio for will be my wedding. But, we’ll get there when we get there.

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