Photo shit

I hope people who read my blog don’t think I’m an angry person. Naw…scratch that. I don’t care what you think. I feel like ranting again, so here goes take two.

As you might have read in an earlier post, I got my senior pictures done recently. Many of my friends are also getting theirs done. But, here’s the catch. Some people I know are getting their pictures done by someone who has a camera and thinks they’re a photographer. Yeah, ummm NO.

The man who took my pictures took my baby pictures. He took a family photo of us a few years back. He took the senior pictures for every single one of my brothers. Before him, his dad took my mom’s senior pictures and my parents’ wedding pictures. When it came time to take pictures of my parents’ kids (aka, my brothers and me), the man who took mine was in training to be a photographer and observed and helped his dad take pictures of my brothers as babies. By the time it was my turn, he had his own business and was able to do mine on his own without his father’s supervision. And here we are, many many years later, still going to the same guy from the same family we’ve always gone to.

He told us that the first digital camera they ever bought for the business was in the year 1999 (or maybe it was 2000, I can’t remember, oh well) and it cost them $28,000. I didn’t mistakenly put in an extra zero; I swear that’s what he said and my mom and I were both like “whoa!”

Yeah, so these people are buying digital cameras (which are much more affordable now) and thinking that they are suddenly photographers. I have seen several Facebook pages created by people I know or know of promoting photography “businesses” where they just stick the word “Photography” after their first and last name. Hell, I could create one myself. I took one single photography class at a college I went to on an events day they were having and often take pictures for our local paper. I’m probably better qualified than the people I know that claim to be photographers. But, I’m not a photographer, and I don’t pretend to be.

The place I went to was an actual studio. I see pictures where soon-to-be seniors are just standing outside anywhere they can. If the lighting isn’t up to par, there’s no way they can make it to be so, unlike the man who took my pictures. He has special equipment that makes it so that even if it’s extremely sunny or the room’s not lit up just enough, he can make it so that it is. Tell me that these “photographers” have this equipment. Oh, that’s right, you can’t because all they have for equipment is a $500 camera and a head full of ideas that they stole off the Internet or fashion magazines. Yeah, some photographer. Come back when you have a college degree or spend your money you earn from photo shoots on proper equipment rather than on that new iPod you’ve been itching to get.

I know this sounds completely rude, but seriously, it bugs me. These “photographers” are taking business away from people who spent money to earn their degree in said craft. In the world today, all you need is a Facebook page and you’re in business.

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