Fancy strange

I noticed that when I tie my sneakers, I always double knot ONE sneaker and only single knot the other one. Yesterday when I was putting on my sneakers, I paid close attention so that I would double knot both of them. I must have forgotten to pay attention, because when I looked down at my feet later on, I noticed that one shoe was double knotted and the other one wasn’t. Weird.

Also, my mom’s name is Nancy. My name is Emily. There is a character called Fancy Nancy that seriously looks EXACTLY like my mom and we believe that Fancy Nancy was modeled after my mother. The red curly hair with short curly bangs? That’s totally my mother. I, on the other hand, have to deal with Emily the Strange. She gets something fancy and I get something strange. Figures.

I have tried Cherry Passion, Green Apple, Mango-something, Orange and most recently, Cherry Tic Tacs. We’re obsessed. The other day, Robby paid almost $10 for a handful of BIG PACK Tic Tacs. We took them with us rollerblading around town and had fun tossing the boxes back and forth.

We went rollerblading the night before last, and when we got back, we took our blades off and settled onto the steps to my front porch and talked for a good half hour. When his mom arrived at my house, we tried to open the front door so he could get his shoes. The door was locked. We came to find out that my parents had gone to bed and locked us out of the house. Robby called my mom (Fancy Nancy) and woke her up from her beauty sleep. She came to the front door to unlock it laughing her ass off. It was funny. We couldn’t stop laughing, either. -insert ugly smiley face-

I keep telling myself that next week at this time, I won’t be sitting in a drab school classroom. I can’t believe the time has come already.

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