Dear time: please stop

It seems to me that it is way too early to be up and running right now. But, that’s how it’s going to have to be for the next few months.

I got up, grabbed some coffee and sat down with my parents. Mom was filling out forms I need for the school year and dad was reading the paper, as usual. Weezie went and got a drink at Reggie’s water bowl (which all of them share) and then started batting at the picture that is framed and nailed to the cupboard next to it. It made a clicking noise and got my attention. I looked at the picture. It’s one that I colored when I was younger and then wrote “To Reggie – Love, Emily” on it. It’s a picture of a dog and I guess I found it suitable for Reggie to look at every morning. When I showed the picture to mom upon completing it, she framed it and hung it there. It’s been there ever since. Even when we painted the kitchen cabinets, it was removed and then placed in the same exact spot afterward.

I looked at that picture this morning and couldn’t understand where the time went. My brothers have all been through this, but I’m a girl, and I have proven to be quite different. I’m more sentimental and emotional and reminiscent. I wish I could go back and color pictures like that again. I just don’t understand how time went by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that my freshman English teacher was telling me to enjoy everything because I would be a senior before I knew it. Well, it’s here. Half of me can’t wait until high school is over so I won’t have to deal with the people here that annoy me so very easily but the other half of me welcomes them and their annoyances. It’s all very confusing. Guess I need to just enjoy this while I can. I’m independent, yet totally dependent. There’s comfort in that. I still have one year to prepare for my total independence.

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