Everyone looks like Justin Bieber

So, I survived the first day of my senior year. Then I went on to survive the next two days of it as well. The classes I’m taking are not too difficult, but the clubs and projects I’m involved in take time and concentration. Every day I have a study hall periods 2 and 3 and then on A days I add on a first period study hall and on B days I add on a 6-9 period study hall. It seems like a lot, but I’m always doing something. I’ve been doing English homework and proofing yearbook pages (we have 6 more we’re ready to submit!) and soon I’ll be MOing (Model Office) for Ms. Geist period 1 every other day and for Mr. Bugenhagen everyday along with independently studying Microsoft Office since I cannot fit it into my schedule. I’m also working on fitting Chamber Choir into the mix, but that’s proving to be difficult.

I walk down the hall and don’t recognize a single person. There is a kid in my first period study hall that I could swear was Justin Bieber because it seems like every male freshman seems to have that look going on for them (when I got home after that first day of school, I was in the mood for Justin Bieber’s music – hey, don’t judge; it’s catchy). It’s weird talking to people in the grade below me. They always seemed so young before but now we make up the oldest in the school. All of my best girlfriends are in the class above me (and are now in college) and the class below me. I am only close to a couple girls in my own grade (because the rest of them are catty and hypocritical). My two closest friends in my class are two people I never thought I’d be this close to. It’s a good feeling.

My English teacher (slash yearbook adviser) brightens up every time I enter her classroom – even if she has a class. The government teacher we now have that everyone complains about is quirky and fun and I love his class. The new study hall monitor looks like my Aunt Sharon and that really freaks me out and I think having Psychology with Robby will be a blast. I finally have a class in the art room and I wish I would have taken an art class with this teacher sooner (it’s jewelry making – don’t laugh!). And ummm yeah…I think that’s about it.

I get along with nearly everyone I see and just don’t speak to the ones I don’t get along with. My cross-country team is awesome and the girls are super cooperative and fun. We’re organizing a tie-dye shirts day followed by spaghetti or something yummy. It’s weird finally being the oldest and being recognized as the oldest in things. Some people really look up to me.

I have newly-dyed pink hair and some kickin’ rubber boots. I’m ready to take on the world…in a year or so.

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