What’s next?

My first drive alone was kind of, well, lonely. It’s a good thing I had a CD playing or else I might have gone crazy. I turned up the volume just a tad (not too much because I HATE loud music) and drove off across horribly paved roads. Someone was right on my ass the entire way down our town’s Indian Reservation. I realized that I don’t have to hold the steering wheel at 10 and 2 anymore and that I don’t necessarily HAVE to stop and still face straight if I’m turning right. I was thrilled.

Yes, I passed my road test with flying colors. Apparently, I’m a very skilled driver and learned that when I earned zero points on my road test (that’s a very good thing). Less than five minutes passed and BAM! I became a licensed driver in New York State.

Okay, so, last year I got that cell phone I’d been whining for. Then I got the permit I really wanted. Now I have what I’ve wanted for MONTHS, and what’s next? I drive down the road with The Beatles playing and think about how I’ll be driving forever. Never again will I feel those jitters I felt before I took that test. Never again will I not have the ability to hop in a car and pick Robby up from work or, in the future, take my kids to soccer practice.

My senior year has started off in a very hectic fashion, and I’m left asking, “what’s next?”

College, that’s what.

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