Mission: Accomplished

Homecoming is this coming Saturday. That’s less than a week away, folks. That’s not much time.

I have three dresses I could wear. I chose the one I love the most, of course. We just needed to get Robby some things to match it. So, today we did just that. All by ourselves.

To say it was weird is an understatement. To say it isn’t worth getting used to is an overstatement. I could definitely get used to it just being him and me. We hopped in the car (well, I picked him up…and he didn’t hop in…that sounds kind of gay) and drove off into the sunset (literally, actually, the sun was actually setting).

It rained on and off all the way there. As soon as we passed Dairy Queen, we were farther than I had ever gone driving without an adult present. He was still in his work clothes (nice shirt and nice pants) while I was in jeans I have had since the eighth grade, my fuzzy pink Crocs and a 3/4 sleeve Yankees shirt (worn just for him, of course). I felt like a scrub. But, with us that never matters.

Our first dilemma was finding the male clothes section at JCPenney. We found it, and I brought slips out of my dress to compare with the colors. None of the shirts matched, but we found one tie that worked perfectly. I stuffed it under some of the other ties and then told him we could get it on the way back through the store. We set off for Bon Ton where I was hoping that we would find what we needed.

Long story short, we found everything perfectly. He got a shirt that I liked and used a coupon I had to bring it down in price even more (SCORE!). We got food from Sbarro (the place that I used to call “sparro” when I was little) and I was right when I assumed that one serving of the spaghetti and salad would be plenty for the both of us, though we did go XL on the Loganberry. My laugh rang out above all of the other chitter chatter in that food court.

We got funky shoes for moi and then ran back for JCPenney, knowing full well that we were inching closer and closer to our curfew. When we got to the tie section, THE TIE WAS GONE! Someone had revealed my hiding spot and reorganized the tie section. We found the tie again, but for some reason it didn’t look right, so we settled for the first one we liked. Robby was set on spending the $36.00 it was marked with. Boy was he surprised when it rang up $7.80!

After that, we tried to remember which entrance we had parked in. We raced (not in an immature way) and by the time we reached the door we knew we had entered through, beads of sweat were forming near my hairline. Then, we stepped out into the rain and drove off with no time to spare.

It was a successful shopping trip. Anything with Robby is successful.

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