Blowing Bubbles

I have a new woman in my life. No, I’m not going lez and no, none of my brothers have girlfriends. My parents are still happily married so there’s not a chance that dad has a new woman. I’m the one that retrieved this new woman. Her name is Bubbles, and she’s a purplish-blue 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle.

She even looks like a bubble; her body is nicely rounded, and though she’s purple, she looks blue sometimes. She’s in great condition for being a 2000 and is fully loaded. You name it, she’s got it (well, almost).

Bubbles features:

  • leather seats
  • HEATED seats
  • a sun roof
  • 6 CD player
  • automatic transmission (thank the Lord)
  • automatic locking doors
  • anti-theft system
  • remote control access with a switchblade-esque key that pops out when you press the little button
  • valet key
  • power windows
  • AC
  • A vase next to the steering wheel (every New Beetle has one)
  • The list goes on and on and on..

As you may have guessed, she’s my new baby. I wash her and clean her like there’s no tomorrow. She has pretty floor mats with flowers on them that match the flower (fake) in her vase. The cherry air freshener has become the smell I am now accustomed to every time I open one of her giant purple doors (Bubbles now has a scent). The heated seats are LOVELY in the morning and make me very happy.

One thing that puzzled me at first was the CD player. There is a clear spot to put a cassette tape in the center where the controls are, but the entrance for a CD is nowhere to be found. Come to find out that New Beetles were designed with the CD player located in the trunk. Yeah, you read correctly, the trunk.You load six CDs into the CD holder, insert it back into the player (in the correct direction) and then press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 underneath the cassette insertion point up in the front of the car to select which CD out of the 6 you desire to listen to. It’s quite nifty, until the time comes to load new CDs (I am lacking in the CD department…it’s been like that for me ever since I got Pandora, my first iPod).

Bubbles has been washed, waxed, cleaned and the leather has been treated and conditioned. I have Swiffer dusters now to keep in the glove box so I can dust off the dashboard. I have six CDs loaded and ready to go (and had to burn a new one because I desperately craved new music). Her sun roof is saved for the sunnier days (like yesterday) and I love looking up and seeing the sky.

Bubbles will get me around for as long as I need her to. The lady that worked for the guy that sold Bubbles to me (he owns a transmission repair shop but also sells used cars) told me this: “If you take care of it, it will take care of you.”

I will never forget what she said. I plan on doing just that.

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