I hate, I hate, I hate

I’m torn between wishing two things:

1.) I wish I had never gotten a blog.

2.) I wish I had never told people about my blog or about WordPress.com in general.

Mostly, I am talking about number 2. I love my blog. I love expressing myself and writing more than the normal person does. I love going on my blog when I have an essay due in a class and using something I’ve already written (I may or may not have done this quite a few times). What I hate is knowing that several people I know in real life are reading what I’m writing. I hate that someone can come on here, steal what I’ve written and use it as their own. I hate that I want to write extremely personal things, but don’t want people I know to read them.

2 thoughts on “I hate, I hate, I hate

  • I totally feel you on this! I made the same mistake of letting people know about it when I got freshly pressed. Now I find myself writing a post hitting publish and then thinking well shit! If so-n-so reads that they will get pissed or I don’t want so-n-so to know this information so I go back and un-publish it. Not cool. I now have a second blog that is a secret..no one knows about it, that is my venting anything goes blog!

    • It’s really annoying, isn’t it? Someone read one of my posts one time and guessed that it was about someone we knew, but I had to deny it! I wish I could write without anyone knowing…I even have my domain on facebook because I figure enough people know about it – what will it hurt if people click on it? It’s frustrating.
      I do have a private blog, but I have never been able to keep up with it. Maybe I’ll write a post on it tonight!

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