For the first time in years, I am in the Christmas mood. I have Star 102.5 (Buffalo’s Christmas station, they claim, and they mean it!) playing inside Bubbles, and have heard countless renditions of “Little Drummer Boy.” I have all of my shopping done and have (almost) everything wrapped. I just have to finish something for Robby and then get it wrapped and place it under the tree.

This past month has been a whirlwind of activity for me. I’ve been shopping (and spending plenty of money!), making jewelry, knitting and visiting the college I plan on attending. Our yearbook deadline was on December 17th, and we almost met it. We had to have 64 pages in by this deadline (after previously submitting 36 – more than enough – for our November deadline). We ended up submitting 59 the night of the deadline (I spent a couple hours at Jenna’s that night). We were missing ONE photo and couldn’t submit baby pictures, were too nervous to submit polls, Mrs. Propp needed to proof the theme page write-up and we lacked the pictures for the Athletic candids page. Today we got everything else in that was missing (I submitted the theme page on Saturday and baby pictures on Saturday and then on Tuesday submitted the other half). We were almost a week late on four pages, but we have earned so much extra time thanks to submitting spring sports months ahead of time and made Mrs. Propp happy and relieved. I’m done until the new year.

Now I’m just listening to Bruno Mars and looking up at my kitty who is sitting right above me on top of the computer desk. I can’t wait for Christmas, and yet I don’t want it to come. I have enjoyed Christmas preparations for the first time in years and don’t want that to end. After Christmas, what is there to look forward to, really? I’ve been looking forward to Christmas since Thanksgiving ended (and I was sooo looking forward to Thanksgiving). Guess I’ll just have to start looking forward to Christmas of 2011 and continue listening to Christmas music until then. That way I’ll have a whole year of preparations! The only problem is, Buffalo’s Christmas station stops playing Christmas music the day after Christmas. A real bummer, yes. I’m dreading that day.

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