Reeaaaallllyyyy interesting (and thought-provoking)

Wow…34 views already in 2011. It might seem lame to some of you ferocious bloggers that write reeaaaallllyyyy interesting and thought-provoking things that catch the eyes of hundreds of people, but to me, 34 views is a lot for one day. In July of ’09 I received 98 views in one day. Haven’t seen that number (or anything even close to it) since.

Am I not interesting enough for you people anymore? Did I get even lame-er with old age (which is currently seventeen…weird…I was fourteen when I got this blog…ahhhh!)?

Fine. From now on, I’ll introduce wise-sounding and interesting posts as opposed to my current page that hosts endless rants. But hey, I think rants are funny.

Also from now on, I will be tagging my posts. I haven’t done this in about a year and a half, but yesterday I tagged my post, and look where it got me: 34 views later I have been made even more wise than I already am. Somehow tagging and views MUST correlate (that sounds like a math word…ew).

Okay, I’m not a funny person, so I’ll stop trying to be one.

After that on my list, I shall remove Twitter from my blog. My brothers follow me on Twitter and see EVERY SINGLE LINK TO MY BLOG AND THEN PROBABLY CLICK IT AND READ ON. The link is enticing to them, and it shouldn’t be. They should have a choice of whether or not to click as opposed to being beckoned by the world of Twitter. (They didn’t used to click; that was B.T.) And again, I’ll stop trying to be funny.

Also, coming soon, more interesting pictures! Everyone knows that pictures are more appealing than words. My blog is just too wordy.

Please note: I probably won’t include pictures; I’m too lazy, but I’ll leave that bit of false hope here just for you!

It’s about time that blackbyrd got a makeover…she needs to grow a pair (of wings) and try to make that difference she’s been itching to make.

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