My room is disgusting

I’m not the most organized person in the world, but I do like for things to have their own place and not be spread out on the pink carpet on my floor. I usually do my laundry every weekend and tidy up my room at the same time. During the week I tend to just drop everything on the floor, and by the time the weekend arrives, I cannot stand it. Last week was crazy.

Valentine’s Day was on Monday. We didn’t do anything too special, but I did make Robby’s favorite dinner (mashed potatoes with chicken, corn, gravy and cheese – it imitates the mashed potato bowl KFC offers but it’s much better). I put red food coloring into the gravy and then poured it over the mashed potatoes I had dyed pink. Voila! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday was Trevor’s 22nd birthday. We drove out to Fredonia to take him out to dinner and then afterward, Mom and Dad took off in Jordan’s car with Trevor (and Jordan, of course) so they could go visit the bar that he works at. I was left with the keys to our red Suzuki Forenza and a 19-year-old brother that didn’t want to go with me to WalMart (where I needed to pick up stuff for the induction dinner). I drove him back to his dorm, took pain reliever he provided (my back was killing me) and then drove back to WalMart all on my lonesome. Well, long story short, I couldn’t find what I needed there.

Wednesday night, Mom and I ventured to Hamburg to find the special fancy paper I needed. We didn’t get back too late, but it was still exhausting.

Thursday was the nicest day of the week. I had Bubbles’ sunroof and windows open as I ran errands around town for the dinner (I should get reimbursed for gas, dammit!). I helped set up at the dinner venue, then rushed home around 5 o’clock only to rush back down at 5:30. Friday was supposed to be my night to relax…well…you already know about that dilemma.

Anyway, back to my room.

My bedside table is covered with: hair mousse, a cup with an inch of water (I’m still working on it), hand lotion, a phone case, an orange hair tie, a green pen, a phone, an earrings box (Robby got me sapphires!), a deck of cards that Robby personalized with our photo on the back of them, an orange pen, two retainers, a box of tissues, a photo album, a pink “click” super tampon (SUUUPER TAMPON doo doo doo doo doo doo!), a photo of Robby and me at prom, a black hair tie, two glasses of I-don’t-know-what from Friday, a hair doohickey, the cap to the hair mousse, a necklace with a diary key on it, a photo of my daddy and me, a sewing needle, a blue pen, a packet of that stuff that’s supposed to help your flowers live longer (which kind of looks like a condom), ANOTHER black hair tie, an iHome with one of my iPods on it, that plastic tube thingy that flowers come in in a bouquet, and I think that’s it. Whew!

My desk is another story. From here, I can see (since I’m still in bed):two purses, an empty orange pop can, an opened bag of Haribo (Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!), a giant Hershey Kiss, a photo printer, a container of generic Febreze, a book that I’m reading, X-Men The Last Stand DVD, two Hershey Kiss tins, a Drake Bell CD (Salvation Army for $1.50!), a box of chocolates, David sunflower seeds, a chocolate sucker Robby made me for Valentine’s Day (awww), a box of green apple Tic Tacs. That’s all I’m going to name for now. Phew!

The floor is littered with three different pillows, a few bath towels, a photo collage frame that I need to finish, my schoolbag, slippers, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (since I’m rereading the series for the seventh or eighth time), wrapping paper, jewelry supplies, and I don’t feel like naming anything more.

Just take my word for it; it’s a mess. At least I disposed of that cup of coffee from Friday that had nearly solidified…it was starting to stink up the whole room. I’m still in bed…maybe I’ll close my Netbook and go back to sleep…after I finish this glass of water on my nightstand.

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