Timeline of my life (as of right now)

This is for Psychology. We were supposed to create a timeline of our lives and hand it in on Tuesday-Friday…ish. On Friday, our teacher brought her adorable son in, so I got a little distracted. She gave me her email address and said to email my timeline to her. Here I am a week later.

Oh well, though. I have a legitimate excuse (notice how I wrote the full word “legitimate” as opposed to shortening it to “legit” *shudders*). I was incapacitated from Friday to Sunday and honestly didn’t really start moving around a lot until yesterday. Robby and I went to the car wash (the fun one where the machine comes down and things fly everywhere!). Twice. It’s a long story. Here’s my timeline before I email it (I figure it would be wise to have a copy of it where I could access it at school because the teacher will ask for it and I won’t have it…as is with everything):

Winter of 1993: Time of conception

November 5, 1993: Born to the world (with the longest umbilical cord the doctor in the delivery room had EVER seen)

Age 3: Fell into swimming pool whilst trying to get a basketball I wanted. Nearly drowned and was taken to the Emergency Room. (This is one of those things I can clearly remember.)

That same age (I believe), I was running around at a baseball game and came into contact with a batter practicing his swings and was hit right in the mouth with the bats. I remember screaming, and there was blood everywhere.

Age 5: Puppy! Reginald Mugsy Steves came into our lives as a tiny little four-week-old Brittany Spaniel/Miniature Collie puppy.

Age 6: Kitty! Pumpkin Sweet Pea Steves joined the family and made himself at home.

Age 7: Another puppy! Oliver Wendell Steves (a little black cock-a-poo) joins the family and becomes Mama’s Boy.

9/11 occurs. It didn’t directly affect me, but somehow, it affected everyone.

Age 9ish: we purchase a camper and begin camping as a family.

Age 15: We watch Pumpkin suffer and eventually have to put him to sleep. (He wasn’t a very loving cat, but it was still a very sad ordeal).

New kittens arrive for Christmas. These new terrors, Eloise and Ruby, are the best Christmas presents I have ever received.

Age 16: Cross country states for the first time

Track states for the first time

Robby comes into my life. : )

Driver’s permit is achieved.

Driver’s license is achieved.

Bubbles, the purplish/blue VW “Beetle Bug” (as my Papa calls her) is purchased for me to zoom around in.

Age 17: Cross country states again

Bubbles gets pulled over for the first time (that was fun, let me tell you). [/sarcasm]

St. Bonaventure University welcomes me in August of 2011 after graduation in June of 2011.

Age 21: Robby and I get our own apartment together near the University and ride our bikes to school together when there’s good weather.

Graduate from St. Bonaventure University.

Age 22: Participate in additional year to achieve Masters Degree.

Age 25: Marriage and a house somewhere near home.

Work from home with job.

Age 29: First child.

Age 31: Second child.

Age 33: Third child.

Age 35: Publish book that will change the world and live off of its income. No other book will be published.

Age 87: I’ve lived a happy life and pass away peacefully in my sleep.


Seem a little far-fetched? Oh well…this is just what I would like to possibly happen. We’ll have to see how it really turns out. I’ll come back and write again in seventy years and fill you in.




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