The one with the ball on it

Am I littering the Internet with my teenage rants?

Guess I’d better write a letter apologizing to the poor Internet…not.

I think that what I have to say is semi-worthwhile to any reader. Anyone who reads what I write must care and must be interested. Chances are, they feel the same way about issues as I do.

Here are things that have been on my mind lately:

  • Dyson vacuum cleaners
  • Annoying girls that take pictures of themselves in the bathrooms at school
  • My photography project

This guy, Sir James Dyson (apparently he was knighted? I just checked Wikipedia), puts a ball on his vacuum and voila! He can charge hundreds of dollars for it. Yeah, it has other things going for it, too (it’s bag-less and other such things like that), but holy crap! I don’t know anyone (other than a couple of my relatives… *cough cough*) who would pay close to $500 on a vacuum cleaner! Sure, we have two cats and two dogs that shed like crazy (well, Ollie the cock-a-poo doesn’t really, but that’s beside the point), and our $99 vacuum works just fine. It’s bag-less, but it doesn’t have the fancy ball that pivots. Oh well. I’m not going to be losing any sleep over it. You’re probably wondering: why the hell is she going off about a vacuum cleaner? Well, I saw the snippets of one of his latest commercials, and he says (and it sounded kind of cocky to me) that other vacuums may have the features of the Dyson, but just remember that Dyson was the first. I don’t really know where I’m going with this now. Yeah. On a funnier note: when we went to get our $99 vacuum (which works just fine!), a group of teenage girls came through the aisle at Target and said “ehmagawd let’s find the one with the ball on it!” …Guess I never knew vacuum cleaners were so exciting.

Annoying girls that take pictures of themselves in the bathrooms at school. When I go to the bathroom, I actually go to the bathroom. I find a stall (usually the second one from the left, but I’m not too picky), pull down my pants and do my business (sorry, probably went too far there). I guess other girls just stand in front of the mirror, fluff up their hair and fix their makeup (because apparently, carrying around your makeup bag is essential). I even saw a girl head to the bathroom with her hair straightener in hand once. After she’s done, she must think that she looks too banging to not take a picture of herself, so she takes out her cell phone, makes a face at the mirror and presses the button. (I’ve always wondered how girls have learned to take that kind of a picture and make it look straight…it’s mindboggling). Then, it’s her Facebook profile picture. This is where I groan upon seeing the picture on Facebook. I guess girls think there’s something attractive about the way they look in the dim light our school bathrooms shine onto them. The sink behind them is super attractive, too. As is the obvious line of bathroom stalls.

My photography project. It’s due on Monday. I’ve had all week and haven’t started it yet. Yep. Procrastination at its best, right here.

Sorry if you think that my posts are littering the Internet. : )

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