Zero men

I’m the same age as Angus T. Jones, the kid who plays Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men (don’t worry, I didn’t know that off the top of my head; I wikipedia’d it). When he was little, we all thought he was adorable. He was this cute little chubby kid. Now that he’s older, however, he acts like a sick pig, just like the rest of the characters on that show.

I don’t watch the show regularly, but every time I do happen to catch an episode or two, Charlie is always jumping into bed with some different woman. He wears an ugly bowling shirt, shorts and slippers in every single episode. He doesn’t do much during the show, other than have sex with many different women. As the show progressed, I noticed that his younger brother, Alan, becomes just as much of a womanizer as Charlie (which I don’t quite understand since the actor, Jon Cryer, looks like a monkey). Next, Jake will be paying hookers to sleep with him, just like his uncle does constantly.

Nobody wants to watch a show where the main character is a rich, lazy piece of shit that just has to wave his beer bottle or cigar to make things happen. Nobody wants to watch this scumbag charm innocent women and take them home with him. Charlie Sheen got paid $2,000,000 per episode of this piece of shit show, and now he wants it to come back and to get paid $3,000,000? I don’t think so. He’s just acting like himself in Two and a Half Men. Constantly sleeping with women? Yeah, that’s him (just wikipedia’d it). I wish I could get paid $2,000,000 to act like myself.

I’m torn between wanting him to shut up so he doesn’t hurt himself more and wanting him to go on ahead so that everyone can continue to have something juicy to talk about. All I know is that he ruined his own life. Cancel his shitty show permanently and get his face off of TV.

2 thoughts on “Zero men

  • “Nobody wants to watch a show where the main character is a rich, lazy piece of shit that just has to wave his beer bottle or cigar to make things happen.”

    False. Two and Half Men is one the highest rated comedies on television. Sometimes? The re-runs even win the night. That little fact makes me sad for America.

    • It’s like a car accident. Nobody wants to look, but everyone does anyway.
      It’s so annoying that people that are completely talentless (and who lack morals) can become multi-millionaires.
      That makes me sad for America, too. 😦

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