iAm Successful

My iPod’s not working, but I’m pretending that it is so that I can seem blissfully unaware. It says that it needs to be connected to power every time I try to turn it on. It’s odd because it wasn’t close to being dead yesterday at this time. It should still be working, but I probably accidentally left it on for awhile yesterday. Oh well.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. Maybe it is because I have more free time to download and listen now.

The yearbook is done and has been for almost a month now. It really wasn’t that hard. While everyone else would freak out over a deadline (*cough cough* Mrs. Propp *cough cough*), I was the calm voice of reason. We did not miss a single one. Actually, we were generally quite early (case in point, we met the November 4th deadline on November 2nd). The last deadline was the worst one, but that was only because we were waiting for some business ads (and I am proud to say that we received more than we have in probably ten years – yes, I counted).

Every editor before me groaned about the yearbook and how much work it is and how stressed out they are. I won’t deny that it was stressful, but I don’t think I complained about it very often. I loved going home and spending time monkeying around with a layout whenever I was bored. Now, I don’t know what to do with my boredom anymore. I was quite passionate about every yearbook page I finished, and many of them were submitted from the comfort of my own home where I sat in my pajamas.

I still log on and scroll through the pages from time-to-time. We have sold almost every yearbook and now I’m just sitting around waiting for the hard copies to come in. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what I’ve worked so hard and diligently on come to life.

One thought on “iAm Successful

    When I talked to Propp a few weeks ago, she said you guys had a really great team. I’m so pumped for you! When the hard copies come in it’ll be really satisfying 😀 You’re lucky you got to work on it at home, I’m sure that helped a lot. Congrats again and I can’t wait to see ’em at some point!

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