Mixed feelings

I could be down at the school right now, helping other people in my class unload sand to complete the senior “prank.” I could be freezing my butt off carrying little wading pools out to complete the beach-y theme. I could be doing a lot of things, but I’m not. I’m laying down in my nice, cozy bed, typing away on my pink netbook.

I don’t want to be up all night and be exhausted for my last day of school ever. I don’t want to have to help clean up the giant mess that is sure to occur – not on my last day of high school.

At this point, you probably get the picture. Tomorrow is my last day of high school. One word describes this feeling I am having: bittersweet.

Sweet because I’ll never have to fight through crowded hallways again. I’ll never have to smell sweaty pre-pubescent children again. I’ll never have to deal with the modified team for cross-country anymore.

Bitter because there is still so much I will miss. I will miss having a locker, complaining about crappy lunches and driving my cool car in and out of the school parking lot. I’ll miss being able to express myself freely – for some reason I feel like my freedom will be hindered a bit in college. I will miss the simplicity of high school and I will miss the fact that it is free. I will miss several teachers and several people.

There are so many everyday perks about being in high school that I will not be able to enjoy anymore. I took a lot for granted, I guess. Oh well. I cannot go back now. In the words of Wilbur Robinson: “Keep moving forward!” and that is what I intend to do. Yeah, tomorrow is the last day I’ll hold Robby’s hand in the hallways as a student at GCS, but I’m onto bigger and better things (I hope).


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