I could be talking about those weird little beetles that roam around during the summertime (I have yet to ever actually see one), or the songs called “JuneBug” by B-52s or Robert Francis. I could be, but I’m not. I’m talking about a puppy named JuneBug. Our wiry, hyper little puppy named JuneBug.

Reggie and Oliver are getting old. Reggie (our handsome Brittany Spaniel/Miniature Collie) will be a teenager come March and Ollie (our adorkable* black Cock-A-Poo) is nearly into the double digits. Our kitties named Eloise (Weezie) and Ruby will be three in October. Why not get another pet, right? (Yes, we’re insane.)

So, we got JuneBug. If you’ve been reading my more recent posts, you’ll know that my Papa recently passed away. Mom was devastated and started getting a wee bit depressed. As a Mother’s Day/Birthday gift for her, Jordan, Trevor, Adam, Dad and I pitched in to buy her this puppy.

JuneBug is the kind of puppy that stays little. She’s a Carkie (Cairn Terrier/Yorkie) and is cute as a button. We’ve had her for about a month now and already it feels like she’s been here forever. She certainly gives Reggie and Ollie a run for their money and drives them nuts by running under them and around their legs. She has had playdates with a fellow half Yorkie named Ellie and a tiny Jack Russell named Lily. It is fun watching her run around and chase her older brothers, but she certainly is a lot of work. We’re working hard to potty train her so that we don’t have another Oliver (he still uses our house as a bathroom occasionally).

Why the name JuneBug? There’s a story behind it. Papa’s first name was Lloyd and his middle name was Junior. He was supposed to be Lloyd Reeves Jr., but ended up being Lloyd Junior Reeves (his mother was so young at the time and had his name wrong on his birth certificate). The name stuck with him and my mom used to call him “JuneBug.”

Now we have a little JuneBug running around the house, though we often call her by her many nicknames. You’ll hear us calling her “Junie B.” (yes, like Junie B. Jones), “J.B.,” “Junie,” “Junior,” “Bug,” “Pipsqueak” and “June.” She’s a lot of work, but I think she’s worth it. We all needed a little pick-me-up.

"Pleeeaaase let me out of here!"

*adorkable /əˈdôrkəbəl/ adjective – An adorable dork.

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