Biting the Apple

I have dreamed (dreamt? – that one boggles my mind) of this day for months and months. Graduation was a big deal, yes, but what came after graduation was what I needed for this day that I have been looking forward to for a long time.

Right now, I am sitting in my room typing out this blog post. You may recall that I own a little pink Netbook named Eurydice and have owned her for nearly two years now. She’s done a good job with helping me fulfill my duties as a journalist for two different publications. Now, however, I am not using Eury for this post. I love my Netbook, but knew I would need something a little bigger to get me through college and its whopping homework assignments I have heard so much about (especially for my major). That’s why today I purchased an iMac with money from my graduation party.

My family owns an iMac, but it’s nearly four years old. It’s the same style as my new one, but mine is just so much better – Apple has made so many improvements to these things over the years and it is just remarkable. For example, my wireless keyboard is quite a bit different than the one connected to our computer downstairs. It’s smaller, sleeker and, though it requires batteries in order to work, is far more efficient. I can move around my room and still have my words appear on my screen as I type them on the keyboard from 6 feet away. The wireless mouse is just as nifty. It too is sleek and easy to use, but what is the absolute best feature of it as far as I can find right now is that the rolly ball in the center for scrolling has been removed. On our computer downstairs, that little ball always causes problems by sticking and making it so we can’t scroll up, down or across. Now, with just a few swipes of my fingers, my eyes can scroll through documents and apps on my computer effortlessly.

My Netbook did the job, but the screen quality is nothing compared to this stunning piece of art right in front of me. I used my Netbook almost strictly for writing for my jobs and didn’t really use it to surf the web (unless I was really lazy and wanted to be in front of the TV). Now, I’m writing tons of new blogs, checking my email, Facebook and taking a funny picture or two on Photo Booth (though I have yet to enjoy that feature – odds are I won’t be too thrilled since we have it on our other computer, too). The screen is absolutely massive and I have to actually move my head to watch these words travel across the giant and beautiful screen.

I’m uploading CDs and starting to rebuild my music library on my own personal and beautiful computer. Nobody else’s music will litter my music library and that thought is exhilarating. The Sims 3 is installing right now (I splurged!) and I’m just plugging away at this post, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my favorite computer game of all time.

I’m excited and ready to enjoy this computer that I have sought after for so long. I’m glad I chose a different road and didn’t purchase a laptop like all three of my brothers did. This desktop iMac is perfect for me and what I plan on doing with my life.

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