Nights at Bonaventure

Well, this it it. My first night has arrived.

Mom and Dad were angels and situated my belongings while I was at my cross-country meeting. I was pleasantly surprised to unlock the door to my room and open it to find that all of the Walmart bags were gone. What a relief!

My iMac is now set up, however, its set-up currently will not be permanent at all. I plan on moving my dresser out of my closet and putting my fridge on my desk (next to my iMac). This will be easier because then I can bring the extension cord over here. With the dresser out of the closet, sure it will take up more floor space, but then I will have more room for my clothes to hang and room at the bottom for my sneakers (they desperately need a place where they can belong). A Walmart trip is also in order very soon – I need covering for my extremely ugly bulletin board, along with push pins.

Other than that, I’m here. I just carried my bathroom tote to the down the hall and washed my face. I reside in the room at the very end of the hall, next to the stairwell. Coincidentally, my teammate, Sarah, is right next door to me in 155 (I’m in 157). It’s nice knowing that she’s right on the other side of the wall to the left of me. It’s very comforting.

I was very emotional today, but have gotten better since meeting my new team. We played Apples to Apples upstairs in Shay (I’m in Loughlen and they’re connected so most people call them “Shaylo”) and it was fun to joke around with them.

I’m going to go lay beneath my polka dot bedspread and read on my Nook before officially turning in. First night almost over – here come four years of nights at Bonaventure.

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