I am still there

So much for my “good kid” rep.

My car waits in the lot. I can tell she yearns for a drive. Turns out I yearn for one, too. I hop in, use the key to start her up, and off I go.

Rob calls me as I drive. I miss the call but pull off to park in front of Tops and call him back.

“Hey,” he says. “We are at a gas stop near the JCC school in town. Do you know how to get here?”

“I know right where you are,” I say. “See you soon.”

I change from “Park” to “Drive” and steer to the road. I go left this time and watch for the road I need to take. At last I find it (and feel proud, I might add) and it takes me right where Rob waits with his dad and his dad’s friend.

They have plans to ride their bikes to a bike show in town, but Rob makes the choice not to join them. He leaves his bike in a safe place and joins me in my car. I drive  us to the town park and we sit on the bench to talk (and yes, we kiss a bit).

I should not have done this. I should have been with my class to face our new lives where we are all joined now as one. I should have been, but I was not. I skipped and went off with Rob to talk (and yes, kiss a bit). In my head, we still sit on that bench in front of my car. In my head, I am still there.

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