Some people are fantastic

Want to know one of the things I like most about St. Bonaventure University? It’s the bells that are played from the University chapel every evening. We are usually out in the field or outside somewhere for practice and I almost always get to hear them. They are beautiful and make me feel at peace. I hear those bells and know I belong here.

Want to know one of the things I hate most about St. Bonaventure University? It’s the people, as usual. Some of them are fantastic. Others are not. I have found that there are idiots everywhere. I will never be in a complete idiot-free zone. I am a girl who constantly expects too much of people and then I get severely disappointed. We peer edited papers in Comp. & Crit. yesterday and some papers had the wrong form of “there” or used “then” instead of “than.” I thought that these basic writing errors would be left behind in the high school hallways and classrooms.

I lost my faith in my classmates that day. Maybe they can rebuild it over the next four years that we will be together. Guess we’ll see.

Another great thing about Bonaventure is my work study. My job. It’s fantastic. I get paid to sit at a computer in the dean’s secretary’s office and design things on the computer (and it’s an iMac, too so there’s another plus!). I get paid to fetch papers from the printer and empty the coffee pots. It’s the easiest job and I enjoy it so much. I sit there and get the inside scoop of what’s going on with what professor and even have intelligent conversations with people that know what they are talking about. Got my dream job. I’m set for four years.

I have practice soon and then I’m going home! I’m going to load Bubbles up with some things I’ve found I don’t need here and come back Sunday refreshed from a night in my own bed in my own room.

Bye, Bonas!


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