So, you want a revolution

I kind of want to start a new blog. This is mostly because I have Photoshop and InDesign to play with now and want to create a cool new banner. And I have an idea. A really good idea.

But, I just can’t. I can’t stop being blackbyrd after being her for so long. I was checking out my archives and realized that I now have four Julys to look back on. It’s scary how time marches on. Going over those Julys, I’ve realized just how much I have aged in four years.

This new blog may happen in time, but I already have a couple of blogs I currently cannot keep up to date. Maybe adding another one wouldn’t be such a good idea. Maybe I need to revolutionize how I blog by putting all of them onto one… that would probably be the best solution… Hmm…

I cannot reveal my ideas for this new blog idea. You’ll just have to wait and see. All you can know is that it has something to do with Papa.

~Emily out~

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