This could be a problem

I just wikipedia’d Jenna Marbles (and you should, too!). She is from Rochester, NY and attended Brighton High School. That means that she was just 100 miles away from me when we were growing up. That might not seem like a big deal to you, but that just blew my mind.

YouTube phenoms seem like they are so far away when you watch them. Jenna definitely did. I was pleased to discover her hometown is merely 100 miles away from mine. It makes the world seem smaller.

Anyway, so we perused Jenna Marbles’ videos on YouTube last night.

I. Love. Her.

She’s so down to earth and reminded me of myself. Every video we watched was something I have thought, or ranted about, or could potentially rant about in the future. It made me think, Wow, I could be my bitchy self for a living and people would love me!


But, the thing is, I’m not a naturally funny person. This could be a problem.

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