Jogging memories

It’s funny how using one or more of your five senses can jog your memory. A sound or song can take you back to something that happened while you were listening to it. If you happen to catch a TV show you viewed as a child, you’ll probably go “Oh yeah! I remember that!” upon seeing it once more. Sometimes we forget about things and it takes a nudge of something to bring it all back.

I opened the alcohol wipes an hour ago to clean off the earbuds I have to use to do my work. I didn’t think anything of them. But, as soon as the hole I tore was big enough, the smell of the wipes brought it all back.

Papa sitting at the kitchen table, preparing to prick himself in the stomach with his needle. He opens the small package, and I can smell the strong alcohol smell. Slowly, methodically, he disinfects the area where the needle will go. I watch and cringe as he injects whatever it is into himself (I thought I knew what it was, but think I have forgotten). I take the used alcohol pads and throw them in the little waste basket he has settled by his chair. The smell of the alcohol wafts, but I don’t mind it.

The people here in the JMC office probably thought I was a weirdo when I sat here an hour ago, just smelling the alcohol pads. I couldn’t help it. The smell jogged my memory.

I let my memory run.

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