Unexpected kindness (the best kind)

Robby and I are not perfect. We argue and have disagreements and hurt each other. We have a lot of fun when we’re together, and therefore hate it when we’re apart. College has posed as one big obstacle we are working on climbing over.

Usually our conversations are light and full of laughter, but tonight was different. Tonight, the phone call was not a fun one.

I won’t delve into the details. It’s our business, not yours. But, I can reveal that the call contained topics we’ve been over before. And I always make things worse by putting my least flattering quality on display: impatience.

An hour later, a tired, frustrated me requested an end to the phone call. I pushed one button and his voice ceased to exist in my ear. Normally I can forget things and carry on with life, but I knew that our repetitive conversation would stick with me.

And it did.

I got out of bed, slipped on my moccasins, grabbed my toothbrush, towel, face wash and toothpaste, and silently prayed that nobody on my floor was out and about to see my tear stained face.

I opened my door and BAM! Girl sitting on the floor with homework papers and textbooks scattered around her. I looked at her for a moment, then remembered my distorted face and turned away to walk down the hallway.

Wait, she’s been dating her boyfriend for over four years, I thought, I remember learning that when I met her at orientation! So, I turned, cleared my throat, and asked, “Do you and your boyfriend fight often?”

Twenty minutes later, I sat on the ground across from her, still in the conversation I stirred up with that initial question. We covered everything from homework, roommates, and my best friend leaving St. Bonaventure to the boyfriend topic and what we’re both doing this weekend. I met her at orientation, but failed to followup last fall when we moved in. And she lives across the hall, for God’s sake.  How did I ever let that happen?

She might not have known it then, or even now– just merely an hour later – that she really helped me. I made friends here at Bona’s and apparently did not need her as a friend. But, she was there when I did.


And, Rob, we have our spats and our disagreements, but, no matter what, I always feel most comfortable when I am with you. Remember that.

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