“Why don’t you go and blog about it?” he says

Never have I felt so uncomfortable in my life. I sat and stared. Hiding how I feel is a challenge for me, but I tried my best to stifle it.

It’s hard having things you want to talk about with your best friend, only to discover that the time you were counting on is not the right time, place or company. Two consecutive meals in a row.

The second week of the semester was Hell. He hurt her worse than she had ever been hurt before, and her reaction showed the pain she was feeling. We listened to her story and caught her tears.

The first week was awesome. She was happier than I have ever seen her and we had a lot of fun, all of us as a group. I wish I could go back a month and relive that week over and over again. A week where relationships didn’t change and everyone was on the same level. Now we’re all scattered across campus and left hearing the he said, she said shit.

I can’t forgive him for what he did to her. It’s just not in me to forgive someone for something that big. So it came as a big shock to me when the victim forgave the perpetrator.

And now I’m left confused about my feelings toward both people in the situation. It’s impossible to figure out.


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