The Birthday Bird from Katroo

“So that’s
What the Birthday Bird
Does in Katroo. 
And I wish
I could do 
All these great things for you!” (Seuss)

Dear Dr. Seuss,

I just hauled up every book of yours we own to peruse them and select the perfect quotes to make this witty and entertaining. But, nothing is really coming to me. I remember the covers of each book, but the guts are foreign to me. It’s been years since I’ve cracked one open and actually read each page. But, thanks to being in Seussical Jr. when I was 12, I’ve seen the characters come to life in front of my very eyes.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was perfectly matched with my role as Gertrude McFuzz. When I tried out for the role, I had never heard of Gertrude before, even after growing up with the books. Turns out, she was hidden in the bowels of “Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories,” and I had simply overlooked the poor little birdie, much like everyone else in her life had.

You gave me Gertrude McFuzz, and The Sneetches and wonderful characters like Horton. Not many people possess the traits Horton does. He never gave up, even when the Whos were nowhere to be found in a field of clovers.

And, oh! The thinks I can think! If I’m willing to try! You made me want to try and you made it worth trying. I look at these books and hear the songs from Seussical in my head, still stuck there after six years. You taught me more lessons then I ever noticed you did. Thank you.

Your Pupil,

Emily M.

“And, finally, when all of the pulling was done, 
Gertrude, behind her, again had just one…
That one little feather she had as a starter.
But now that’s enough, because now she is smarter.”

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