Optimistic fortune cookies

Normally I don't believe what fortune cookies say, but this time...

Robby and I really enjoy chinese food. He always orders sweet ‘n’ sour chicken. I prefer a mild General Tso’s (along with chicken lo mein).

We reach the end of the meal and crack open the fortune cookies. Usually, the fortunes aren’t of real importance or don’t affect us in any way. This time, both of them did for me.

I opened mine, “You will make a sudden rise in life,” and said, “well, that’s a good sign!”

What do you know? Robby’s had the same kind of positive message: “Determination will get you through this.”

Both are pinned on my wrapping paper-covered bulletin board, next to a picture of us, another fortune from a different time, a Denny advisee card (it reads “CHOICES”) and a Denny dollar.

I think I’m going to be okay.

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